2020 Holt-Bowser Charity Golf Tournament

The Holt-Bowser Scholarship Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves to benefit aspiring college students. Our goal is to financially assist undergraduate students attending Christian-based institutions of any affiliation. The focus on Christian education flows from the passions and sacrifices of the pioneering ministers whom we honor through this foundation.


G. P. Holt

George Philip Holt was the second of six children born in Rutherford County, Tennessee  on May 14, 1923, to M.F. and Thelma Bowser Holt. He was educated in the public schools of Nashville, Tennessee, and later at the Bowser Christian Institute, a forerunner of Southwestern Christian College, located in Terrell, Texas. As a boy preacher he traveled with his grandfather, G.P. Bowser, a gospel preacher, who inspired him in the ministry.

Along with his grandfather, Holt was instrumental in establishing congregations of the churches of Christ in several states. He loved his work and preached for over 60 years. It was said he preached as hard to 10 people as to a thousand. His longest congregational ministries were with the churches in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Indianapolis, Indiana. He also served congregations in Detroit,Michigan, Toledo, Ohio and Dallas, Texas.

Always a student, Holt maintained an impressive library. He was an author, debater and a staff writer for the Christian Echo, a publication started by his grandfather. He also served as a member of the board of directors for Southwestern Christian College.

He married Olivia Busby and together they raised six children. He died in Dallas, March 02, 2001.


 G. P. Bowser

George Philip Bowser was born on February 17, 1874, in Maury County, Tennessee. After the death of his father, the family moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where Bowser attended and graduated from Walden University where he mastered five languages, including Greek, Hebrew, French, German and Latin. He was trained as a missionary for the Methodist Church before being introduced to the church of Christ.  

Soon after his conversion and baptism, he began preaching the gospel.  Bowser was also a master printer and, at the age of 28, founded and edited a paper called the Christian Echo, which is one of the oldest publications among churches of Christ and remains in publication today. He also authored many gospel tracts, song books and Bible School materials. In 1907, Bowser began a school for African-American students in Nashville. He opened other schools in Silver Point, Tennessee; Fort Smith, Arkansas; Detroit, Michigan; and Fort Worth, Texas.  His educational endeavors resulted in the founding of Southwestern Christian College in 1949.

Bowser married Fannie Sowell and were the of three daughters: Clara, Thelma, and Philista.  Two grandsons, George and Marion Holt, followed him in the ministry. G.P. Bowser died March 23, 1950, in Detroit.

"I'd like to see the fairways more narrow. Then everybody would have to play from the rough, not just me."
— Seve Ballesteros
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